Thursday, September 10, 2009

up and down and around

Kavala is built on a steep slope. Walking up and down the stairs and steep roads is giving me good exercise. Today was sunny and hot! - the norwegian weather site we've been looking at for hope, said quite the contrary - just proves how unpredictable the weather is. Anyway, went for a walk, sat on the beach for a while just enjoying the sun, thinking how you shouldn't take things for granted. This evening we went to an art show at the Hotel Imaret, I'll see how the pics turned out and maybe post some tomorrow.

Mr. Stump, caught red-handed!

Two drawings, not yet finished.


  1. I love a good photo, and this are very goods!

  2. Oh my. Not a place for me. I enjoy the weather cooling down a bit. Have fun anyway!

  3. Lovely photos - the heat sounds too familiar.