Thursday, September 24, 2009

only one

Only one week left - where did the time go?! A week ago I realized time's running up. Made a scheme for myself, work I must have accomplished when the day is through. Good, but hard to follow - there are just so many hours in a day and, what leaves the hand is not always what I had in mind. But I'm trying.

I'm so fond of this place. Sitting by my window or on the roof working, the constant sounds of the city below keeping me company. The swoosh of cars occasionally honking their horns, motorbikes speeding past the long stretch by the beach, dogs barking (no one minds, nobody hushes them up), children playing, birds chirping and singing long intricate melodies.

There may be a possibility that I can come back next year - with the family this time - I'm discussing ideas with Caritta, who used to teach art here. Nothing's decided yet, but it feels very exciting.

Oh, the love of paper... saw Paper Works over at Feltbugs blog.


  1. looks like you 've got the best studio ever there.....
    wanna swop?
    beautiful work there.

  2. thanks jaboopee! I'm quite happy where I am thanks :)