Monday, November 24, 2008

time to workshop

Last week I was at Nyckelviksskolan, teaching simple bookbinding techniques for 3 days. It's fun and intense, so I'm usually exhausted afterwards.

We all sat around one big table – nice, cosy and sticky.

Nice paper for covers; sewing patterns.

Monday, November 17, 2008

first snow!

View of the Lake Mälaren from Kulturgården Gallery.

It snowed yesterday – great, giant snowflakes!

For a while the ground was covered, but it's still too warm out, so it all melted away after a while...

I'm involved in a local gallery, Kulturgården, here in Sigtuna. Before the gallery started in 1995, the beautiful old building once housed the tinsmith. There are two floors and a little shop that sells handicraft products, many of them locally made. The gallery's only open on weekends and we take turns guarding the exhibitions.

Drop by if you're in the neighbourhood :)

I just discovered Stephanie Levy's blog. I really enjoyed reading the interviews she does with artists who blog – inspiring! Through Stephanies links I went to Lisa Solomons blog. Just can't get enough of her drawings/embroidery.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

inspiring on a Saturday

Yesterday we went to Edsvik Konsthall, to see "Höstsalongen"; the Fall Exhibition, featuring works selected by a jury. Here are some of the art works that I found especially inspiring.

A whole bunch of wonderful little "art-pillows"! Unfortunately I forgot to notice the name of the artist. Maybe someone knows and can enlighten me?

Tin-art made from food and beverage cans, by Catarina Sandberg.

Beautiful prints (etchings) by Joze Strazar Kiyohara.

All in all a really nice and beautiful exhibition.

Friday, November 14, 2008

valkyrie in green wellingtons

Here's the self portrait I did yesterday. With sturdy green rubber boots and gretchen-braids I felt like something out of a Wagner opera! Took a photo before I started with the shadowing. Comparing them now I'm not sure which one I prefer. It's not relevant to me if there's 100% likeness or not. Which one is more interesting? What's your opinion? I'd love to hear!

There's an interview with my husband Mattias here, take a look!

And have a pleasant weekend.

illustration friday: wise

Wise cat and zebra crossing is my contribution to this weeks Illustration Friday.

Running a bit late, but I managed before the deadline at least. Now off to bed, yaaawn. Good night.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

life in low gear

Usually I go by bicycle, but today I took the car to the studio... luckily. Outside it's the dark ages; cold, wet and dark, the photos are taken at 3.30 pm (!), can you believe it? And we still haven't reached the darkest day of the year; Winter solstice occurs on December 22nd.

I wish I could hibernate until spring.

Another self portrait today at the studio, and I started on some new drawings.
At home I'm working on an update of my web site. Hope to have it up and running by next week.