Tuesday, November 11, 2008

life in low gear

Usually I go by bicycle, but today I took the car to the studio... luckily. Outside it's the dark ages; cold, wet and dark, the photos are taken at 3.30 pm (!), can you believe it? And we still haven't reached the darkest day of the year; Winter solstice occurs on December 22nd.

I wish I could hibernate until spring.

Another self portrait today at the studio, and I started on some new drawings.
At home I'm working on an update of my web site. Hope to have it up and running by next week.


  1. Loved the self-portrait. Wonderful capacity to synthetise forms. Is it pen on paper or indian ink? How I understand that "winter-feelling". I miss summer already.
    Thanks for your visit. Is good to have feed-back.

  2. Tack! :) För oss försvinner lite av december till tre-årskalas så jag måste vara ute i god tid.

    Håller med om att det är för mörkt nu. :/

  3. Hi Cecilia! I would like to tell you THANK YOU! Your blog is fabulous and very inspiring for me. Thanks a lot!

  4. thanks for all the nice words, they sure lighten up the darkness!

    drawing in the backyard - I used a Staedtler pigment liner 0.3 for this one.

  5. Very interesting :) And beautiful final result.