Monday, January 30, 2012

kurbits and zickermans

Yesterday: beautiful weather, hot chocolate, oranges and ginger bread cake - a perfect day for skating on lake Mälaren.

I have been interviewed for Zickermans Värld - a swedish DIY blog - by Frida, who also did a post on me on her own blog Kurbits, one of the most reknown swedish craft blogs. You do need to know swedish though!

My website is down due to some technical problem over at the host :(  Very annoying. Hopefully fixed tomorrow.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

bits and bobs

 We all made our own sketchbooks, filling them with our bits and pieces from the experimenting fase. Good to be able to go back and, together with instructions on paper, refresh my memory.

During the last hour of the course I suddenly realized exactly what I want to do with my new skills! I set off in a frenzy making collaged images and booklets. The coating of wax gives everything that special look I find so appealing. More... want to do more!

Ebbas beautiful doilies/cake-paper and 3-d "flowers"- made of waxed paper and trapped fresh flower petals
a mosaic of what the rest of the group made - bibs, a tie, handbag, gloves, dress and stilettos... all unwearable :)
the end! waxed pattern paper and book page

Friday, January 20, 2012

diving into paper

old Alice in wonderland - with Asta look-a-like!  (our dog)
Ebba, colleague from Kaleido (maker of hats and textile artist) suggested this workshop could be of interest to me - and ended up going too. Partners in craft!

The 3-day course Storybooks & Stilettos; Paper Craft took place in the Sackler Centre at The Victoria & Albert Museum. Paper artist Jennifer Collier was our teacher and she generousely shared her techniques and patterns with us. To begin with we had a look at some of the antique childrens books from the museum - only for inspiration. Then began some serious experimenting; cutting, glueing, bonding, layering, trapping, waxing... There are so many photos of our results, I will post them tomorrow.

Fantastic museum, although there wasn't time to see more than a fraction of it. Don't want to miss the Morris room next time, couldn't find my way there, it was like a labyrinth...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

flinging London

All squeezed up in our cosy threebed room with extra foldout bed!

This was London day 1.
Didn't manage an awful lot that day - we arrived starved, so we went on a mission to find good and plenty of food. We succeeded more than well. Close by our hotel we found YoSushi, Fast Fun and Fresh Japanese Food just as the advertisement says. Little flying saucers passed by with various delicacies.

Outside the Brunswick Centre we found lots of eyecatching objects trapped in the pavement. These symbolized small tokens that mothers left with their abandoned children at an orphanage, in order to identify them later when/if they could pick them up again. I'm not sure I got this right, we read about it on a small sign.

I will blog more about the course I attended at the V&A tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Things are happening - so many things at once suddenly!

Just sold five of my cups - they will be off to Louisville, Kentucky, next week! Makes me especially happy since I spent 3 of my childhood years in Lexington, Kentucky. Sort of feels like "home" - or at least one of them... Cups have been sent off to Hamburg Germany, today for a photo shooting and an assortment of objects are lent to a home stylist in Stockholm. Which will lead to appearances in home styling magazines in Germany and Sweden - new experience for me :)
Some of my work was featured on french Deco'in yesterday, and a few days ago on dutch Brekend.

And tomorrow I'm off to this!Yay!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Tonight we celebrated!
Yesterday I was contacted by... oh sorry, can't reveal by whom just yet (not until payment has been made), but it's a museum and I'm thrilled and amazed and so so so HAPPY - they are buying two of my paper objects! My work had been seen in the book The New Artisans, and I received a visit to my exhibition at Aniara Gallery. This was before Christmas, but the decision wasn't just up to one person and so I had to wait... Plenty of time to get nervous, though I worked hard not to think too much about it :)
Stay in touch, more info will follow...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

happy new 2012!

 I wish you all the very best for 2012!
Last chances to see my exhibition Java at the Aniara Gallery and the tray above, called Längtan (Longing), at Kaleido's gallery. They both end Sunday, January 8th.