Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bertil Valliens choice

Ann Westin, Bertil Vallien and I

the favored object, Red, at Slow Art

Nationalmuseum during spring - imagine a snowstorm outside...
The day before yesterday (Tuesday) felt utterly unreal. I received a call in the morning letting me know that my presence at the Nationalmuseum would be much appreciated that afternoon and evening. It turned out that Bertil Vallien, famous Swedish glass artist, had been invited to hold an artist talk at the museum. This I knew, but not what he was going to talk about. And since there was heavy snowfall going on outside - which always means that trains and traffic will be affected, I had already rejected the idea of going into town. I changed my mind after the call.

During the summer Bertil had checked out the exhibitions to look for 1 (one) piece of art that served as an inspiration/influence on his own art. He rejected the Rembrandts, the Carl Larssons, all the famous masters - and chose my paper bowl Red from the current exhibition Slow Art!

He gave a lovely speech, it was wonderful to hear someone that truly has the gift of words, speak about a piece of art made by myself, to hear his views on my work... Well, I'm still walking  on little clouds as you can hear :) 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

close up shot

Close up shots of my paper mittens for the Kaleido Christmas exhibition. I used odd paper scraps of different qualities and color, book pages, color pencils and glue.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Merry Paraphrase and Happy New Plagiarism!

That's the title of our Christmas exhibition at Kaleido Konsthantverk.

Members and invited guest artists have been inspired by an assortment of old objects from Upplandsmuseet, the county museum, responsible for the cultural history and archaeology of Uppsala county. There were mittens, candlesticks, wall hangings, trimmings and decorations etc, 100–200 years old. All of which we were free to use as inspiration to reinvent new pieces. 

Here is a small selection of what we came up with.

Elisabet Berg, trimmings made of beer cans

Lena Billingskogs massive wooden candle stick
Lina Holm, textile necklace (guest artist)
Lotta Hellström, ceramic
Lotta "Kraka" Persson, knitted fingerless gloves
Pernilla Sylvan (guest artist), candle sticks for birthday candles
Veronica Gardetoft, glass angels/schnapps glass when turned over :)
and my own paper mittens...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

featured in Ernst

My bowl and a short interview with me in the first edition of the home decor magazine Hemma med Ernst. Thank you!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

recent sights

Took my youngest daughter, Rosa, to the National museum in Stockholm to see three of the
creations from one of the
competitions of Project Runway Sweden. It was meant to be a cosy mother-daughter evening out, but we ended up almost missing the whole thing, due to my totally underestimating the time it would take to get there. We had to grab a taxi from the Central station and made it there just before closing time... We raced up, grabbed a glass each of sparkly water, looked at the three dresses and... left. Rosa, 13 years old, was not impressed. 

I'm taking part of a small exhibition arranged by an art society, Konstföreningen Botvid. The other three artists are Carina Sohl, pattern printed leather; Carl-Erik Ström, photography and Eva Kai Larsen, ceramic tiles. The exhibition is on for another weekend at Villa Skönvik, Rönninge. Open Saturday and Sunday 12 - 16.

a table with my work in front and one of my large plates on the wall. Carina Sohls chair by the window
coffee rimmed bowl in  late afternoon sun
Carina Sohl
Carl-Erik Ström
Eva Kai Larsen
beautiful view of the small lake Flaten outside

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

bind your own business

Sorry all english speaking - this is information about a bookbinding workshop in Sweden!

Bind din egen anteckningsbok

Tid: Tisdagen den 30 oktober 17.00 - 21.00, i Sigtunastiftelsens mysiga bibliotek

Med nål och tråd, papper och klot
I det förtrollande bibliotekets inspirerande miljö lär jag ut grunderna i handbokbinderi. Vi tittar och känner på material och under kvällen tillverkar vi varsin anteckningsbok, i orientalisk teknik med klädda pärmar. Inga förkunskaper behövs. Anmälan sker direkt till Sigtunastiftelsen.

Pris: 400 kr. I priset ingår material, smörgås, kaffe och thé.
Max antal deltagare: 12 personer.

cup for Kinnarps

What a Girl Can Do

Paper cup and saucer made for Swedish company Kinnarps. Will eventually be seen in a business presentation of some sort, of which I've been promised a copy. Which will be posted here eventually...

Look at the stunning work made by cardboard artist Daniel Agdad!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Slow Art catalogue

Eva Hild
Tore Svensson
Helena Sandström
Pasi Välimaa
I realized I never posted pictures from the beautiful catalogue that has been made for the Slow Art exhibition – so here are my two spreads and a small selection of my personal favourites (the list could be much longer – but I don't want to post the whole book here).

The exhibition at Nationalmuseum continues until February 3rd 2013, so there's still time to see it :) and to buy the catalogue!

Photo credits: Hans Thorwid, Nationalmuseum

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

recent press

I'm very proud to be featured in these two Swedish magazines, Hemslöjden and VI! Magazines I really enjoy reading myself, with interesting articles and diverse content.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

all boxed up and ready to go

 Daily Thistles mounted inside the wooden box, with the glass front in place. For the Math department.

KOOM! POOM! ZAK! Spiderman vs Owl in Good Defeats Evil. The inside is lined with black paper and all pieces are in place. This one is for the children's books department. Both boxes are public commission work for Gottsunda library, Uppsala.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

good defeats evil

Spiderman vs Owl in Good Defeats Evil is the content of the second box I've made for the new library at Gottsunda, Uppsala. It consists of two teacups, a small teapot and a sugar bowl. The pinkish "plate" is a background. Pics of the finished boxes in the next post! I'm delivering the two boxes tomorrow...