Wednesday, May 23, 2012

businesscard beauties

My businesscards from Moo! For the first time ever, I'm really proud to hand over a card!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

extra extra!

My exhibition at Sigtunastiftelsen is extended with one week, so you can see it until Tuesday, May 29th if you wish.


Friday, May 18, 2012

art excursion

Sven-Harrys (konstmuseum)
Carl-Oskar Linné
Meta Isæus–Berlin
Meta Isæus–Berlin
Dan Wolgers
Gunilla Lagerbielke at Galleri Inger Molin
Lisa, Ebba and Elisabet
Once in a while I get out of the studio and go on excursions with my Kaleido colleagues. We spent a day visiting Sven-Harrys (konstmuseum) and Galleri Inger Molin, before trotting off to Nationalmuseum (I'm going back in time - see previous posts).

It was my first visit to Sven-Harrys, definitely not the last. The exhibition Ett riktigt hem – en replik på en replik (A real home - a replica of a replica) was interesting, intriguing and inspiring.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slow Art, my selection

Eva Hild
Helena Hörstedt
Helena Sandström
Jane Reumert
Janna Syvänoja
Karen Bit Vejle
Mafune Gonjo
Tore Svensson
A small selection of pieces from the Slow Art exhibition. Twenty-nine artists in total are participating and every piece is of course excuisite. But I've made a choice here of only 8 - a few of my absolute favourites. Just realised, while uploading; my choice is within a very narrow range of colors..! 
 Links to all names so you can check them all out.

And my bowl is in very good company :) 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

bowl in magazine

Thank you Allt i Hemmet for adding my paper bowl (beside the 3) to your News, Trend and Design page!

Looking forward to tomorrow: I'm going to a special sneak preview at The National museum to see the new exhibition Slow Art - where one of my paper bowls will participate! Going with my husband Mattias and a couple of good friends/colleagues from Kaleido. But first we're visiting Galleri Inger Molin and then Sven-Harrys konstmuseum which I'm really looking forward to as well, never been to the latter. Might as well cram as much in as possible when we're at it! Hopefully I can take some good photos of it all.

Monday, May 7, 2012

organizing my s(h)elf

Twice a year the nineteen members of Kaleido move around and rearrange our places in the shop, which makes it feel new and updated. My shelf is now next to the counter. This is where I sell my handmade paper products; notebooks, art cards, posters etc... and now I've also brought in a few of my paper art objects. I'm so pleased to have found the ultimate storage for these objects: glass bell jars! Found the two larger ones here, the smaller one is second hand. Haven't had paper art for sale in the shop before - dust from the central station and the surrounding area, which is under reconstruction, made it impossible.

care for a coffee?
bowl Minerva
Eternell - everlasting paper flower
Species Litteras "g", character collection
letters cut out by hand and pinned à la entomological collections
Species Litteras "Q", character collection
accordion folders with different illustration themes
coffee constellation cards and gift tags
leather and mocha necklaces

Welcome to visit Kaleido when in Uppsala! The shop is situated in Godsmagasinet, next to the Central station.

Opening hours:
weekdays 10-18.30, Saturdays 10-16, Sundays 12-16 (closed Sundays during the summer)

 Karta över Godsmagasinet i Uppsala

Sunday, May 6, 2012

young artist

Our eldest, Olivia - one of the twenty-odd contestants in the ninth graders art show - beside her piece "Stillhet" (Stillness). Coal and acrylic on paper.

I am one proud Mama!

sisters (Rosa in back)