Tuesday, May 24, 2011

shop day

Yesterday was a Kaleido-day from early morning 'til late evening. First a boardmeeting in the morning (I'm the secretary since a couple of weeks). Then attending the shop, which we take turns in doing 3 days each per month, and which I enjoy very much. But it was so QUIET. Maybe because of the construction site outdoors, they're building a brand new Central Station and we're their closest neighbour. Fences are put up to prevent people from getting hurt in the mess - but it also prevents them from finding our entrance!
In the spare time between customers I stocked up on my Coffee Constellations, cards with envelopes. I usually bring along some material, so I can occupy myself if the going gets slow.

One of the other members of Kaleido, Lotta "Kraka" Persson is exhibiting in the gallery. A beautiful arrangement of christening clothes for babies. The hats are amazing in detail and so sweet, being so tiny. One visitor was actually moved to tears having seen these small garments. Lotta is a textile artist and sells mostly knitted wear in the shop.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

byebye changchang

During my stay in Göteborg I spent the night at my brothers place. I love cats, and they have two. But now they were all upset, having lost their oldest cat, Chang, a few days earlier. He was a brown Oriental shorthair with great personality and a special voice. They still have Dixie, a Cornish Rex. Full of life and extremely talkative. Hope she'll be ok on her own, now that he's gone.

Friday, May 20, 2011

hot heidelberg

I traveled to Göteborg on Wednesday and had such a nice evening at Rum för Papper! In their backyard they presented their latest collaboration with HDK's 1st year Design students and printing company Göteborgstryckeriet. The students had illustrated 3 cards each and two lucky winners got their threesome printed, right then and there, by the Original Heidelberg letterpress, brought over only for this occasion! Nothing compares to the beauty of letterpress printing... My photos don't do the cards justice, you can't see the imprint really. Anyway, I had a great time, meeting many old friends and acquaintances, and it's always great to see Ulrica, Tove and Mia from the shop - and who so generously treated us all to this.

Thursday was spent at HDK, teaching a bookbinding workshop to 25 very attentive 2nd year Design students. I love doing those workshops, I really get a kick each time. So I was happy and content on the train back home to Stockholm and didn't get all worked up when the train ran a bit late so I missed my connection for Sigtuna...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Been working on a large piece lately. I was so happy when I found giant balloons in a toyshop to use as a mould. Even though I actually hate balloons. Don't like the smell, texture or the thought of it bursting. I got my daughter to inflate it for me - I wouldn't do it myself. But I wish someone had secretely filmed me when the darn thing exploded in my face! I had to start all over again... this time on my pilates ball, which is made of sturdier stuff.

It's not finished and things can still go wrong... but if all goes well this time it will be exhibited together with some smaller pieces at our summer show Under lupp (under the microscope) at Kaleido.

Tomorrow I'm off to Gothenburg to teach bookbinding to students at HDK on Thursday. But first I'll pop in at Rum för Papper, to check out their letterpress collab with students from - HDK!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

spiderman for tea

Some commission work is more enjoyable than other. This cup is made for the municipality of Uppsala. It will will tour the preschools there together with several other art pieces made of recycled material. Each piece will be placed in a small box measuring 20 x 20 cm. These will in turn be placed in a suitcase before being sent out on it's art mission. Hope the kids will enjoy my little cup!

For this one I used Spiderman obviously, but I've bought a cheap heap of dated comics - they lie in a pile awaiting my clip-clip-clipping... More cups will come :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

booked husband

My husband, Mattias' first personal book is finally out! It's called "First in line" and was presented at the book fair SPX 2011 in Stockholm on Saturday. It's a beautiful book, designed by Jens Andersson at Sanatorium publishing house. He did an amazing job with the heaps and heaps of drawings and sketchbooks he collected from the house a few months ago. Check out Mattias' blog for more pics. And to get your own copy :)

A favorite spread - one of many of course (yes, I am a wife - a proud one!)

Busy man. Jens in the middle, daughters to the left (asking for money to buy a comic book).