Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Been working on a large piece lately. I was so happy when I found giant balloons in a toyshop to use as a mould. Even though I actually hate balloons. Don't like the smell, texture or the thought of it bursting. I got my daughter to inflate it for me - I wouldn't do it myself. But I wish someone had secretely filmed me when the darn thing exploded in my face! I had to start all over again... this time on my pilates ball, which is made of sturdier stuff.

It's not finished and things can still go wrong... but if all goes well this time it will be exhibited together with some smaller pieces at our summer show Under lupp (under the microscope) at Kaleido.

Tomorrow I'm off to Gothenburg to teach bookbinding to students at HDK on Thursday. But first I'll pop in at Rum för Papper, to check out their letterpress collab with students from - HDK!


  1. Hello Cecilia!
    I loved the workshop in HDK today, I talked about it on my blog :-), I love your blog as well!

    Thank you very much!

  2. Thank you Marta - great to hear! Good luck with all your bookbinding projects :)

  3. can you tell me what type of paper you are using for this? Looks almost like rice paper, but textured?? What product did you use as a binder? (I know this was years ago now!)