Tuesday, May 24, 2011

shop day

Yesterday was a Kaleido-day from early morning 'til late evening. First a boardmeeting in the morning (I'm the secretary since a couple of weeks). Then attending the shop, which we take turns in doing 3 days each per month, and which I enjoy very much. But it was so QUIET. Maybe because of the construction site outdoors, they're building a brand new Central Station and we're their closest neighbour. Fences are put up to prevent people from getting hurt in the mess - but it also prevents them from finding our entrance!
In the spare time between customers I stocked up on my Coffee Constellations, cards with envelopes. I usually bring along some material, so I can occupy myself if the going gets slow.

One of the other members of Kaleido, Lotta "Kraka" Persson is exhibiting in the gallery. A beautiful arrangement of christening clothes for babies. The hats are amazing in detail and so sweet, being so tiny. One visitor was actually moved to tears having seen these small garments. Lotta is a textile artist and sells mostly knitted wear in the shop.