Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday evening Mattias and I went to the Concert Hall in Stockholm to attend the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award ceremony! The amazing illustrator Shaun Tan received this years award out of the hands of Crown Princess Victoria. Every year an illustrator and a calligrapher are assigned to execute the diploma. Mattias was this years chosen illustrator (!) and beside him (in the lousy shot) is Marianne Pettersson Soold, the calligrapher. They had done a fabulous job, a beautiful - huge - cooperation (Mattias made a very large image). Too bad I can't post any photos of it or the rest of the evening - photographing was prohibited.

At last I got to wear my "new" highheels - my secondhand shop bargain (30 kr!). Feet hurt but it was worth it :)


  1. wow congratulations to mattius. what a huge honor!! also...nice shoes. my feet would be in shock, it has been so long since I had them on.

  2. Thanks Marchi! My feet were only stuck in there for 2 hrs - they wouldn't have survived longer!