Friday, June 3, 2011

dog days

With a dog you don't have to feel alone. Especially if it's sitting in your cup of coffee.
For my birthday a few weeks ago, Mattias got me the adorable cup we had seen at Blås & Knåda in Stockholm, made by ceramist Eleonor Boström, check out her blog here. We love it. Almost as much as our Asta!

Other loveable animals can be seen here at elsewhere, by Louise Jennison- amazing in line and detail.


  1. Lovely dog cup. I'm sure it will bring you much joy. Thank-you for the kind mention. Glad you are enjoying my drawings of late. xolj

  2. I second Louise, I love that dog cup of yours.

    (Is Asta named after the handsome wire-haired fox terrier in the Thin Man films of old?)

    g xo

  3. thanks Louise and Gracia!

    Gracia - about Asta: yes, it was my husbands suggestion - I hadn't seen the film, but liked the name :)