Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bertil Valliens choice

Ann Westin, Bertil Vallien and I

the favored object, Red, at Slow Art

Nationalmuseum during spring - imagine a snowstorm outside...
The day before yesterday (Tuesday) felt utterly unreal. I received a call in the morning letting me know that my presence at the Nationalmuseum would be much appreciated that afternoon and evening. It turned out that Bertil Vallien, famous Swedish glass artist, had been invited to hold an artist talk at the museum. This I knew, but not what he was going to talk about. And since there was heavy snowfall going on outside - which always means that trains and traffic will be affected, I had already rejected the idea of going into town. I changed my mind after the call.

During the summer Bertil had checked out the exhibitions to look for 1 (one) piece of art that served as an inspiration/influence on his own art. He rejected the Rembrandts, the Carl Larssons, all the famous masters - and chose my paper bowl Red from the current exhibition Slow Art!

He gave a lovely speech, it was wonderful to hear someone that truly has the gift of words, speak about a piece of art made by myself, to hear his views on my work... Well, I'm still walking  on little clouds as you can hear :) 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

close up shot

Close up shots of my paper mittens for the Kaleido Christmas exhibition. I used odd paper scraps of different qualities and color, book pages, color pencils and glue.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Merry Paraphrase and Happy New Plagiarism!

That's the title of our Christmas exhibition at Kaleido Konsthantverk.

Members and invited guest artists have been inspired by an assortment of old objects from Upplandsmuseet, the county museum, responsible for the cultural history and archaeology of Uppsala county. There were mittens, candlesticks, wall hangings, trimmings and decorations etc, 100–200 years old. All of which we were free to use as inspiration to reinvent new pieces. 

Here is a small selection of what we came up with.

Elisabet Berg, trimmings made of beer cans

Lena Billingskogs massive wooden candle stick
Lina Holm, textile necklace (guest artist)
Lotta Hellström, ceramic
Lotta "Kraka" Persson, knitted fingerless gloves
Pernilla Sylvan (guest artist), candle sticks for birthday candles
Veronica Gardetoft, glass angels/schnapps glass when turned over :)
and my own paper mittens...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

featured in Ernst

My bowl and a short interview with me in the first edition of the home decor magazine Hemma med Ernst. Thank you!