Friday, June 17, 2011


I call my large paper ball "Float" - for the summer group exhibition at Kaleido called "Under lupp" which means "Under the microscope".

Initially inspired by pumice stones my children found a couple of summers ago. At that time I did several ink drawings, with many, many circles one beside the other. Now I used cut out paper circles and glued them side by side. The final form reminds me also of that of a hornet's nest or dandelions...

What do you see?

Friday, June 3, 2011

dog days

With a dog you don't have to feel alone. Especially if it's sitting in your cup of coffee.
For my birthday a few weeks ago, Mattias got me the adorable cup we had seen at Blås & Knåda in Stockholm, made by ceramist Eleonor Boström, check out her blog here. We love it. Almost as much as our Asta!

Other loveable animals can be seen here at elsewhere, by Louise Jennison- amazing in line and detail.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday evening Mattias and I went to the Concert Hall in Stockholm to attend the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award ceremony! The amazing illustrator Shaun Tan received this years award out of the hands of Crown Princess Victoria. Every year an illustrator and a calligrapher are assigned to execute the diploma. Mattias was this years chosen illustrator (!) and beside him (in the lousy shot) is Marianne Pettersson Soold, the calligrapher. They had done a fabulous job, a beautiful - huge - cooperation (Mattias made a very large image). Too bad I can't post any photos of it or the rest of the evening - photographing was prohibited.

At last I got to wear my "new" highheels - my secondhand shop bargain (30 kr!). Feet hurt but it was worth it :)