Thursday, June 11, 2009

summer (of)course

Lately I've been doing a little bit of everything except blogging very much. Hectic times with all the childrens activities finishing off. Schools out!

Mattias and I have been busy planning our summer courses at Sigtuna Kulturgård. Mine will be a three-day workshop in bookbinding and Mattias' is three days of drawing in- and outside in Sigtuna. We're hoping on good weather and many participants!

Lär dig binda böcker med hjälp av enkla tekniker!

Under 3 dagar går vi igenom olika metoder som kan användas för att binda egna skiss-/anteckningsböcker, fotoalbum eller gästböcker. Användbart även till att göra fina gåvobrev eller inbjudnings- och gratulationskort.
Material och fika ingår. De flesta verktyg finns att låna, men vissa saker kan vara bra att ha – lista på detta får ni innan kursen startar.

Lärare: Cecilia Levy; grafisk formgivare och handbokbindare
Plats: Sigtuna Kulturgård, Stora Nygatan 1 (bredvid Stadshotellet)
Tid: torsdag–lördag, 23–25 juli, kl. 9.30–16.00
Kursavgift: 1800 kr, varav 400 kr i anmälningsavgift som inte betalas tillbaka vid återbud
Anmälan: till Cecilia Levy på tel. 0706-54 39 65, eller via mail: anmälan bokbinderiworkshop, samt genom inbetalning av anmälningsavgiften 400 kr senast 2 juli till BG 5687-6741. Resterande 1400 kr ska vara inbetalt senast 7 dagar före kursstart.

The shorter English version: learn how to bind books with simple binding techniques. During 3 days you'll learn different methods, useful for binding sketch-/notebooks, photoalbums, guestbooks. Useful also for making nice invitationcards etc.
If you want to participate, let me know by sending an e-mail: anmälan bokbinderiworkshop.
Material is included in the price as well as fika (coffee!) and there are tools you can borrow from me.

Sigtuna is an old medeival town, close to the capital of Stockholm and to Arlanda airport. There's lots to see and there are plenty of B&B's, hostels and hotels in and around the town. For more information you can check out the Tourist centre here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I did it!

I ran - for the first time in my life but not the last - the worlds biggest half-marathon, in Gothenburg; Göteborgsvarvet. 21 km (13 miles). It was great, and I'm really proud. Mattias ran for the fifth time. We are playing with the idea of running Stockholm Marathon, maybe not next year, but... :)

Last weeks spring party at Sigtuna Kulturgård.
Inger brought her Muurikka, a huge frying pan for outdoors use and made us all a beutiful, delicious paella, which we ate in the garden overlooking Mälaren.