Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slow Art, my selection

Eva Hild
Helena Hörstedt
Helena Sandström
Jane Reumert
Janna Syvänoja
Karen Bit Vejle
Mafune Gonjo
Tore Svensson
A small selection of pieces from the Slow Art exhibition. Twenty-nine artists in total are participating and every piece is of course excuisite. But I've made a choice here of only 8 - a few of my absolute favourites. Just realised, while uploading; my choice is within a very narrow range of colors..! 
 Links to all names so you can check them all out.

And my bowl is in very good company :) 


  1. That dress on the hanger is amazing. Is it glass?

  2. Yes it's glass - a stunning piece, sending off thousands of sparkles as it slowly rotates on it's hanger...

  3. The picture of the feather bowl by Jane Reumert, where was that taken?