Friday, January 6, 2012


Tonight we celebrated!
Yesterday I was contacted by... oh sorry, can't reveal by whom just yet (not until payment has been made), but it's a museum and I'm thrilled and amazed and so so so HAPPY - they are buying two of my paper objects! My work had been seen in the book The New Artisans, and I received a visit to my exhibition at Aniara Gallery. This was before Christmas, but the decision wasn't just up to one person and so I had to wait... Plenty of time to get nervous, though I worked hard not to think too much about it :)
Stay in touch, more info will follow...


  1. your work is absolutely FAN TAS TIC !

  2. Hello I love your mug And I would like to know if i could to use this idea for to do favors kitchen?astso

  3. tack Ivar och Britt-Marie :))

    thank you alex!

    sorry Gi Angelo - I don't understand you're question...