Friday, January 20, 2012

diving into paper

old Alice in wonderland - with Asta look-a-like!  (our dog)
Ebba, colleague from Kaleido (maker of hats and textile artist) suggested this workshop could be of interest to me - and ended up going too. Partners in craft!

The 3-day course Storybooks & Stilettos; Paper Craft took place in the Sackler Centre at The Victoria & Albert Museum. Paper artist Jennifer Collier was our teacher and she generousely shared her techniques and patterns with us. To begin with we had a look at some of the antique childrens books from the museum - only for inspiration. Then began some serious experimenting; cutting, glueing, bonding, layering, trapping, waxing... There are so many photos of our results, I will post them tomorrow.

Fantastic museum, although there wasn't time to see more than a fraction of it. Don't want to miss the Morris room next time, couldn't find my way there, it was like a labyrinth...

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