Saturday, January 21, 2012

bits and bobs

 We all made our own sketchbooks, filling them with our bits and pieces from the experimenting fase. Good to be able to go back and, together with instructions on paper, refresh my memory.

During the last hour of the course I suddenly realized exactly what I want to do with my new skills! I set off in a frenzy making collaged images and booklets. The coating of wax gives everything that special look I find so appealing. More... want to do more!

Ebbas beautiful doilies/cake-paper and 3-d "flowers"- made of waxed paper and trapped fresh flower petals
a mosaic of what the rest of the group made - bibs, a tie, handbag, gloves, dress and stilettos... all unwearable :)
the end! waxed pattern paper and book page