Monday, November 17, 2008

first snow!

View of the Lake Mälaren from Kulturgården Gallery.

It snowed yesterday – great, giant snowflakes!

For a while the ground was covered, but it's still too warm out, so it all melted away after a while...

I'm involved in a local gallery, Kulturgården, here in Sigtuna. Before the gallery started in 1995, the beautiful old building once housed the tinsmith. There are two floors and a little shop that sells handicraft products, many of them locally made. The gallery's only open on weekends and we take turns guarding the exhibitions.

Drop by if you're in the neighbourhood :)

I just discovered Stephanie Levy's blog. I really enjoyed reading the interviews she does with artists who blog – inspiring! Through Stephanies links I went to Lisa Solomons blog. Just can't get enough of her drawings/embroidery.


  1. Hi Cecilia - you have a beautiful blog, illustrations, photos! How nice to discover another Levy on the web - and you are in Sweden! A European soulmate :)

    Keep in touch,

  2. What a beautiful place, the gallery. I'm sure your work will fit like a glove in that space. Good luck with the new experience : )

  3. hi cecilia,

    thank you so much for your kind words and for coming by my blog and saying hello.

    it's been really nice to see your work here!!

  4. thank you Stephanie, Patrícia and Lisa for dropping by and leaving such nice, warming comments!

  5. Snö! Lyckostar! Vi pratade just om snöstormen nov.-95 i gbg, när era examinationer snöade bort/ blev inställda.