Saturday, September 12, 2009


The house felt relaxed and quiet – it's never loud and bustling, but the house guests usually work intensely, mostly in their rooms – and the feeling of focus and concentration somehow seeps out from under the doors.

I was up until 4 am yesterday :( trying to upload a job to a file hosting service – but the internet was acting up and the files wouldn't upload. Not ideal, working on a borrowed computer here in Greece... Gopal, one of my neighbours (and saviour! don't know how I would have managed without him) helped me and we sat there all night trying to get things working from his computer. And finally, it soared off into space.

So this morning I slept late, but then drew for some hours with my window wide open. Outside the sky darkened, the wind blew, raindrops fell. Feeling mellow.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. I am enjoying your time with you in Greece. Thank you for sharing your life and times. Today was a very busy day and tomorrow will be too. I need to get creative things done but when there is time, I am too tired. Maybe Monday will be good.

  2. thanks Dolores! Sometimes it would be good to be split in two :)