Thursday, September 17, 2009


Kavala was involved in the processing and trading of tobacco in the 1930's, the Swedish house where I'm staying was built for the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly. Everywhere around the city you see buildings or remnants of buildings from this epoch. Sadly they're just left to wither down. I walk around, the sights and especially smells evoke memories from a long time ago. There's something about this town that makes me feel so at home.

There's a constant flow of guests in the house. This evening we had a small gathering to say goodbye to two leavers and hello to three newcomers. Tomorrow there will be new arrivals.

Tobacco warehouse.

Aged beauties.

This must be Rapunzels house!


  1. Hoppas du har det bra Cecilia. Blir lite orolig när du inte skrivit på en hel vecka. Det har varit så spännande att läsa dina betraktelser. / Ellen

  2. aged beauties indeed - love these shots.