Saturday, September 5, 2009

struggling with this and that

Kavala, day 4

After two days of struggling with the computer, trying to find free alternatives , I finally downloaded Photoshop for a trial period that lasts as long as my stay here. I need to edit my images and took for granted that the computers would be fully equipped. Which they were not, as most artists, authers and photographers that come here, probably bring their own laptops. Which I don't have. Several guests tried to help, they were very concerned and sweet.

I've been so tired, due to the heat? My head has felt so heavy, I've had to take naps in the afternoon. Which makes me feel even more tired. Hope I get accustomed soon - maybe I need a daily routine. This morning I went for a jog at 8 am, and it felt good so I'll continue with that. I also I drew for several hours today (first day of actually accomplishing something).

Saturday is market day so after lunch I went down shopping for vegetables. Struggled up the hill with kilos of everything. They refuse to sell less. So my meals this coming week will consist of nothing but green beans, tomatoes, cucumber and corn on the cob :)

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  1. It looks like a gorgeousp lace to be. Inspiration should come easily there...although the heat would be distracting to me, as well.