Monday, September 7, 2009


Kavala day 6

New room! No smell, no church bells! This is the room my daughters stayed in last year (känner ni igen er?).

Yesterday the weather changed dramatically. It started out okay, I went for a run in the morning trying to get rid of my back ache. Ran to a beach a little farther away, took a swim, sat for a while in the sun, got restless, walked back home. During the day it got cloudier and started blowing hard. And the temperature dropped and then the rain started falling... Hmmm. Not what I had expected. From 40 to 20° C.

In the evening we had three presentations; Lars who's an architect and artist, Gösta, a writer from Gothenburg and myself. We spoke about ourselves and our work. There are 12 guests staying here right now. A very pleaseant evening.

I've been working on an illustration job for an american magazine, it's still a sketch. Apart from that I've done a few more coffee constellations (seen in the previous post).

Hoping for warmer weather :)


  1. Du fick det! Vad kul!
    (det var jag som rekommenderade dej :)

  2. Oh, this furniture is so beautiful! Around 1870, it seems. If it is original. Ask them how much it is. :-)

  3. Chock med vädret, men det kanske var därför du var så trött.

  4. Hej Cecilia! Ser underbart ut! Men hur klarar du en hel månad utan familjen? Men det måste vara härligt att byta miljö och ägna sig helt åt det man vill.
    Hälsar Malin Fasth

  5. Eva! It's by swedish Axel Einar Hjort. From the 1930's, made especially for this house, which was built at the time. Not for sale I'm afraid :)

    Malin! vi chattar frenetiskt om kvällarna!

  6. Kul och intressant att läsa din blogg(fick tipset av din man), eftersom jag skall dit där du är om bara några veckor bara :-))

  7. Eva again! I beleive I was wrong about the year of this furniture - you're probably right, this is older, although by Hjort. In the dining room there's furniture designed specifically for the house by the same man.