Tuesday, September 15, 2009

mission accomplished

Last year when Mattias was here, he made a fine drawing of the church across the street from here. The original will hang in the Kavala house, but Caritta (the commissary of the house) proposed a gicléeprint of it to the church as a gift, which they happily accepted. As The Wife of The Artist I was asked to hand over the print to the young priest, which I happily did. And Caritta held the print on the space in the parish house (?) where it will hang as soon as it's framed. So you can see for yourself Mattias!

Done for the day.


  1. Åh! Vad härligt inspirerande/vilande du verkar ha! Alltså rofyllt inspirerande menar jag. Eller nått! Spännande!

  2. Nice! Perhaps the church would like some piggies in a tree as well.

  3. Emelie - man skola icke klaga

    ElizT - that would cheer things up during mass :)

  4. Wonderful to see a little peak... and the feet up, resting, done for the day.