Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm here!

Finally in Kavala, Greece!
I'm here on a one month grant from the Association of Swedish Illustrators and Designers, staying in the Swedish Institutes guesthouse in Kavala. A house built in Bauhaus style, with 70 cm thick outer walls(!).

Heavy with paper and material. Hard to know how much to bring. I probably brought too much.

KABAVA. Situated by the Aegean Sea, close to Turkey.

Taxidriver drove like a madman from the airport.

My first room. I arrived two days early so "my room" is still occupied. There's something wrong with the piping, there is a distinct smell of gasoline in the room :( Hope to be rid of this when I move rooms.

Church bells ring every morning at 7 am. No way you can sleep over them.

Emilianou street.

Lunch on the terrace. Need I say more?


  1. I wish my neighborhood had a built in alarm clock. I'd get so much more done.

  2. Yeah! Good luck for this month's work :)

  3. Hej! Vad roligt att få vara med dig. Hoppas att allt blir bra och att du inte längtar hem till ett regnigt (skyfall) och blåsigt Sigtuna.
    Carro & Sigge

  4. Vad roligt att se bilder på din omgivning i Grekland - det blir säkert en lyckad månad!

  5. Hope you're getting a better room. Without smell. Apart from that: Have a wonderful time!

  6. Thanks everyone och tack Carro och Ivar! Jag njuter!

  7. Fick du möjlighet att snacka lite Tûska på vägen?

  8. oh nice... i know where you are. we are moving to turkey in the not so far future not so far from there. enjoy!

  9. how wonderful! a month away for yourself.
    and yes, my reason for the delay with our collaboration... i havent forgotten though. xx