Saturday, September 26, 2009

à table with friend and foe

We had a big potluck dinner (knytkalas) to say goodbye to the Gopal-Cecilia-Milou-family. They were here at the same time as us last year. Milou has assisted me in my web camera chats with the girls in the evenings. When my questions bored them he teased them which cheered them up ;)

The gigantic bees live in a tree by the balcony. They have nothing better to do than pester us humans. One of the guests in the house is deadly allergic to beestings, he has to carry an antitoxic around his neck with him always. I let the bee have it his way this time.

Other forms of life: Life at the bottom of the sea (a little tribute to Rececka Törnqvist' song Good Thing, here sung by my namesake Sessyllya (!).


  1. amazing shots of the probably made him very happy to finally have it 'his' way.

  2. Instämmer med föregående talare.
    Här är det höst. (Så att det inte kommer som en chock). Det ska bli roligt att få hem dig!

  3. thanks jaboopee, I think so too. I know how viscious I can get if I don't get coffee...
    tack Pia!
    och Carro - vi ses snart :)

  4. I presume by "foes" you mean the bees and not any of the guests at your table, hm? ;)