Monday, September 28, 2009

last rays

These past days have been sunny and hot. I've been to the beach trying to store warmth and sunlight before going home to the cold north. But they're seriously rounding off the bathing season here too: chairs and parasols are removed from the beach - even the doors to the changing booths are hooked off and the shower appliances are taken down!

Saturday I saw a bicycle race through town. Well, not race per se, the contestants were children and their parents. Traffic was chaotic. You'd find it strange too in a town built on a slope stooping almost 90 degrees.

Saw a lady fall to the ground today, she was probably a diabetic. It was scary. I was the first one to kneel by her, and even though I've taken a course in first aid a few years ago, I just didn't know what to do. I checked that she was still breathing and stroked her and spoke to her until greek speaking people came and called an ambulance. It took ages until it arrived. Hope she's ok.


  1. The cat looks like a Lake Van cat from Turkey. They have one blue and one olive green eye. And they have become quite rare.

  2. it looks so beautiful there by the sea, we spent a couple of family holidays in kalandra which is near chalkidiki and i'm so jealous looking at your first photo...i would love the weather there now,not too hot,cat looks amazing, you've a fantastic photographers eye . hope that poor woman is ok too.