Thursday, May 1, 2014

What a thriller!

I have been quiet here on the blog for a few months. This depends on different reasons, one of which is due to the following.

In November (2013) I was selected by the Stockholm County Council Cultural Administration to do a parallel sketch assignment for a public art commission for New Karolinska Solna, NKS, Swedens largest-to-be and state-of-the-art hospital that is under construction. We were two artists competing to make an "artistic sculptural creation in relation to seating groups in the main entrance" of the hospital.

Three months later, after many hours spent thinking, mulling over ideas, then searching the internet for all kinds of different suppliers, having to think every tiny little detail through, and lastly spending a comparatively small amount of time making an example of an object in the correct size and a model of the artworks placed in the room. I was extremely relieved when I left my project for assessment, satisfied that I had made it on time, proud with what I had accomplished. Also because things have been a bit out of the ordinary at home these last months.

Then followed a few days of tense waiting. This happened to be during Easter break, so we, Mattias and I decided to go with our oldest daughter Olivia on a minicruise over one night to Åland, just to to get out of the house and think of something completely different. Our youngest, Rosa, was away visiting a friend. We had a lovely 24 hour mini vacation, the sun shone from a clear blue sky, the sea was ever so calm, we ate well and had a happy time together. 

The morning after, while having breakfast on the boat,  I got the call - saying that I got the assignment! I am so happy and thrilled and looking forward to working on this project for the next 2,5 years!

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  1. Stort grattis. Ska bli riktigt roligt att se vad du tänkt ut.