Tuesday, May 13, 2014

sweet little things

My birthday was celebrated last Monday, and as always I'm greeted at breakfast with a card from Mattias. And he also knows exactly what I want for my birthday!

In the evening we brought the girls and my mother to a Persian restaurant of my choosing, Shahrzad in Stockholm were we had a lovely - and extremely generous - dinner. Sadly we didn't have room for dessert... Must go again. Wonderfully attentive service, I highly recommend it! Asta did not come along, but I had to post her here, since she is also a sweet little thing :)

I was not aware that it was chocolate ball's Day last Sunday. Luckily Olivia was better informed and made exquisite chocolate balls for us all. Apparently there is a day for cheese and muffins (yes both on the same day) on May 27th. Hm!

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