Sunday, March 1, 2009

birdsong and dogplay

Every cloud is silver-lined, bear that in mind
When old man trouble gets tough
And the going gets rough
Let the worry bird worry for you!
another quote from the song
Let the worry bird worry for you
(Leo Robin/Jule Styne)

Worry bird number two has landed in my Etsy shop!
Meet Åke, a crocheted raven (perhaps?). Tell him your worries and they will be gone!

Lovely days with a lot of snow and cross country skiing. Asta is one happy dog.


  1. sooooo beautiful .. and C U T E raven!
    amzing photos as well.. always delightful works from you , cecilia!

  2. What beautiful scenery, adorable dog, and the worry bird is the best!

  3. Yes,I love the second photo especially.

  4. My son and I are reading this book by Erin Hunter...his name happens to be Hunter too :). Anyway it is about cats in a clan and you cat so reminds e of the series!