Wednesday, March 4, 2009

check out

I have been featured over on Lou Lou & Oscars blog! I'm very proud of this, Lisa did a small interview and a pick from my images on Flickr. She's such a sweet, generous person and a very talented artist herself. Thanks to her blog I've found my way to many interesting, talented people. Be sure to check out her blog and her work!

I did this image and had a go with lots of layers and filters in photoshop - fun!

This evening I'm going to the Modern Dance Theatre in Stockholm to see The Porcelain Project. Inspiring I hope! Haven't been to see dance for years...


  1. I hope you enjoyed your eve of dance... makes me feel like catching something similar this weekend though I am none too sure what's on.

    Off to peruse the Lou Lou & Oscar blog...

  2. Thanks Gracia - it was absolutely great, the dance performance! So inspiring, wish I could have taken some photos, but it wasn't allowed... I hope I can transmit some of the images that appeared in my head to paper :)