Wednesday, March 11, 2009

talking about Turkey

Dinner at Marias, with the rest of my studio mates that I'm going to Turkey with!
We're leaving in ten days, to spend almost 5 days in Istanbul - needless to say, we're thrilled. None of us has been there before, so we had all googled for information. We only found the usual touristy stuff, so; if anyone out there has anything to recommend - all contributions are gratefully received!
The day after we watched Crossing the bridge, a film about the different music scenes in Istanbul, to get into the right mood. I love traditional music played by the Romani people.

This is my contribution to The Pom-Pom Project. My heavy, luscious pompom will be sent to Bournemouth, UK, to participate in a public installation in the Bournemouth Gardens with heaps of others.
But it's hard to part with it, I've become quite attached to it...

And here it only snows, snows and snows...


  1. oh have a great time. istanbul is wonderful. my husband is turkish. we plan to retire there in a few years. probably south of istanbul, along the coast. fetiye.

  2. that sounds great! inspiring surroundings for a textile artist i bet :)