Wednesday, February 25, 2009

first worry bird on Etsy!

Let the worry bird worry for you
Let the worry bird fuss and stew
He's a wonderful pet
And when you get the jitters, he twitters
Let the worry bird worry his head
Have the time of your life instead
quote from the song
Let the worry bird worry for you
(Leo Robin / Jule Styne)

This is Pål! He'll take care of all your worries.
He's just flown in to my Etsy shop, click on the widget to your left.
More birds to come!

Saturday Mattias and I went to Stockholm and did the whole art show-gallerie-museum-thing. It was great, we saw a lot of interesting art - especially at the Spring Salon at Liljevalchs and Sonja Larssons paintings at Konstakademin. From the Liljevalchs on Djurgården, we took the ferry to the Old Town. Nice and icy.

On the train on the way home, a pidgeon jumped on board, road for one station, and hopped out the next. Lazy city bird :)


  1. There was a videoup on the web at one point, or possibly it was photos, of a cat that took a bus for one stop. The worry bird reminds me of some of the stuffed toys that Edward Gorey made. Very timely, by the way.

  2. We actually had a cat once, that went for a free ride on the tram by himself...

    I'll have to check that guy, don't know him. Thanks!

  3. Love the worry bird! But your etsy shop seems to be empty? Is this the correct shop: ?

  4. The link is correct - it is I who have failed to update..! Thanks for telling me Laird, I'll correct this at once!