Thursday, February 19, 2009

valentines and visits

Valentines day came and went. We went skiing in the forest for an hour with the girls. It was the first time for me this year and it felt great. We brought hot cocoa, sandwiches and peeled oranges and ate them out in the open.

Valentines card from Rosa

Valentines card from Mattias. This is how he see's us.

Mattias (left) had visitors, two students from an artcollege in Cardiff, England. They came all the way to Sweden to interview him. Very ambitious and very nice.

A book cover collaboration that is on it's way to Israel and for Julie to finish!


  1. Beautiful illustrations. And the valentine from your husband is one I saw on his blog. I still think it's the sweetest thing. I've never had someone create something for me like that.

  2. Thank you Justin! I know about the valentine card - I'm a spoiled girl...

  3. So much to be intoxicated with... oranges peeled and enjoyed, valentine's day love, fans from far away, and a collaboration with the ever-talented Julie. Good things in spades!

  4. What's interesting to me is your daughter's Valentine's Day card. Rosa has the same whimsical feel in her illustration that you and your husband have in both of your artworks.

    Guess that brilliant creative gene runs in the family!