Thursday, February 12, 2009

sticky paper

Last week I had two days of bookbinding workshops at Sigtuna Folkhögskola. Half the students were from the photography department and half from the art department. As always, a great bunch of people. It's nice to teach something so "hands-on". When they're done, they know 3 different techniques on how to bind a book and also how to make a folder for keeping paper/art/photos. With this knowledge (and a manual I've put together), I hope they're able to experiment on their own, making book projects, albums or portfolios.

Yesterdays selfportrait.


  1. Åh så bra självporträtt! Jag känner igen alla delar och får lite till :)
    Vad kul med Kavalla, grattis.

  2. efcharistå Camilla (måste börja träna på grekiskan)!

  3. Nice job on this one!

    From the pictures posted of yourself it looks like you got a good likeness.

    Also, as a fellow artist myself, your face has a lot of nice angles to it. Nice bone structure/defined cheekbones (that's a good thing).


  4. wonderful - i would love to join in myself. it sounds very rewarding..and fun.

  5. Compliments for your blog, I do a sort of bookbinding (cartonnage) so I read with interest about this lessons...!!!!

    Best regards from Spain