Tuesday, May 20, 2008

weekend away

Spot the seagull! (I didn't - until I enlarged the photo). I wanted a shot of the wonderful old sign for a textile company and got the gull residing on top of the d, just by chance.

We stayed with friends in the small village of Ljungskile, an hours trainride from Gothenburg. It's right by the sea. Their house is so special, I really, really like it. The ceiling is very high and the chimney just goes on and on...

Mattias did well in GöteborgsVarvet – his best result in this competition so far :) The weather was perfect for both runners and audience, the sun shone but it wasn't too hot. I had a lovely picnic with Mia, Rosa and Sophie, while Mattias ran around the city of Gothenburg, along with approximately 44 999 other people.
In the evening we had a party with good friends. It was great to see everybody again, some of whom we haven't seen since last summer, before our move. I'm sentimental, and I do miss all our friends :(

(It was quite good though, to get back and take that walk in the woods on Monday morning...)


  1. This sounds like a great weekend! And the chimney is incredible, it looks like it goes right into the heaven :-)

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Oh, and without giving any secrets away, I love what you sent to Melbourne yesterday (such sparkly loveliness). Cheers, lj

    PS. I'm not the only one that loves it. A certain person whose name starts with G also adores it, though she's too snowed under with work to say so in person.

  3. Oops, it seems as though I have popped a comment in on your blog mistaking it for another... Sorry for the confusion, Cecilia. I must have had one too many windows open at the one time.

    Love that seagull in the top photo.

    cheers, lj

  4. Such a handsome gull poised on the letter 'd', Cecilia. A lovely photo.

    take care, grache

  5. you did have me a bit confused there for a while, Louise, it sounded like a wonderful package to receive – I wish I had sent it :)

    thank you all for nice comments!

  6. å vikken fin resteröds skylt!

  7. Pricken över Ö ser också ut som en fågel. Fast det kanske var just det som var grejen? :)
    Jag gillar dina foton. (Och teckningar.)