Wednesday, May 28, 2008

moon shadow

We've been having lovely weather lately. Seems a shame to be indoors,
but the sunshine makes the shadows very intense and graphic.

A couple of nights ago the moon was full. I sat up and waited for it to climb over the treetops. My photo doesn't make it justice, but maybe these cool guys can add up for what I lack in technique.
Enjoy :)


  1. Jag tror det här var första gången jag besökte din blogg! Så mycket fint:)

  2. I tried to capture the moon recently but it is always so small in the photos and not like the real thing at all!!

  3. Häftigt med skuggbilderna!!

    Hundarna som du tyckte var så söta på min blogg är Spansk vinthund, Galgo espanol!

  4. kul att du besökte mig maria! välkommen åter.

    -I know Mandy, but I'll never stop trying I guess..! One day maybe :)

    -hej Infing och tack för det!

  5. ooo, i love love love these photos! gorgeous. also that photo of your family in your garden eating that delicious artichoke / rhubarb (!yum!) dinner is adorable. : )