Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 5th

I had a wonderful birthday with beautiful weather. Greeting card and lovely papers for bookbinding Mattias bought in Switzerland (too bad he lost the card with the website).
Caroline gave me chrysantemums, they are very beautiful, so fresh and greeeen, they really stand out.

In the evening we had plans to go to a local restaurant down by the lake, but fortunately it was closed. Instead we packed a picnic and took our bicycles down to the "beach". I'm not much for winter bathing (bathing in Sweden in the beginning of May is quite early), but the kids are crazy about swimming so they jumped in. It couldn't have been that cold – they actually swam.

It was such a beautiful evening, we almost had to force ourselves to go inside and put the kids to bed. A great day.


  1. Grattis på födelsedagen!

    ifall du behöver mer papper och Mattias inte åker och köper mer -

  2. tack Camilla - ja nu för tiden behöver man ju knappt resa sig från stolen för att få det man vill ha :) tack för tipset!

    marie-louise - får se vad det blir av dem...

    thanks andrea!