Monday, May 13, 2013

welcome to Dalslands museum!

Vernissage at Dalslands konstmuseum now on Saturday May 18th!

Looking forward to seeing the works and meeting the other artists in the Paper exhibition, from England: Gill Wilson, Rob Ryan, Magie Hollingworth and Agneta Flock, Sweden.

On Wednesday I'll be off! Getting a lift there with Jögge Sundqvist and will also meet Anders Lönn and Gunilla Pantzar (couldn't find a link) at the opening.

The four "bowls" named Every day Contemplations (Betraktelser Hvar Dag) made of book pages. The largest measures 54 cm ø and the smallest 26 cm ø. There will also be two thistles - no photos of them yet, and perhaps rows with coffee constellations. We'll see if there is room for them, not sure.


  1. Beautiful, Cecilia! especially the densely patterned bowls.
    [Are you taking Dog's best Friend with you?]

  2. Thank you Eliz! If you mean my husband - then yes, he was there :)