Thursday, May 23, 2013

vernissage Dalslands Konstmuseum

in the garden; Lars Vilks wooden tower Dalonien
in the garden overlooking the lake

Hitching a ride with Jögge, I arrived last Wednesday evening in Upperud, where Dalslands Konstmuseum is situated. A beautiful place located in the middle of the Swedish countryside, lined with forests and lakes. There used to be many paper mills in these surroundings, now there's only one still running. We received a warm welcome and were utterly well cared for, throughout our entire stay by museum director Helen Backlund.

Two days were spent building and hanging the exhibitions, but we did manage a visit to Not Quite - an old paper mill, now a place and a network for professional artists, artisans and designers. Will post photos of this later.

from left to right: Gill Wilson, Gunilla Pantzar, Anders Lönn, Magie Hollingworth, Helen Backlund (museum director), Agneta Flock, me, Jögge Sundqvist

The exhibition opening was on Saturday afternoon. Mattias and Rosa (our youngest) made it there just in time, after a 5 hour drive from Sigtuna... After the initial presentation of all present artists from the three concurrent exhibitions, each artist gave a short presentation of their work.


In the group exhibiton Papper, Gill Wilson (UK) started off, presenting her work; forms based on sacred geometry, pulp made out of natural plant fibre. Breathtaking beauty.

Magie Hollingworth (UK) also uses paper pulp - but only waste paper; catalogues, newspapers, printed matter... Wonderfully graphic cutlery, subtly humorous shovels and beautiful bowls.


Agneta Flock, a Swedish artist originally in textile, but since many years a skilled paper cutter. Her images are lovely with exquisite details. She cuts her pieces first, then she paints them by hand which gives them a unique expression.


Rob Ryan (UK) is a renowned paper cutter with a huge production. Lovely work, too bad he couldn't make it there for the opening.

Anna-Stina Lindén Ivarsson, journalist and author, Anders Lönn, my thistles and I
I was the last out to present my paper art; my four bowls of varying sizes, two thistles and a wall of Coffee Constellations (no photo of that alas...). 

In the museums gallery Jögge Sundqvist presented his wonderful wood works exhibition trädkropparna och de rotlösa. Jögge's a legendary expert of sloyd craft in Sweden and internationally renowned.

Last, but not least, were Anders Lönn and Gunilla Pantzar, an artist couple. Anders showed evocative landscape paintings and objects (dead animals). Gunilla's work was based on a family tragedy, a very touching story she calls Spår - ett familjedrama (traces - a family drama).


The day ended with a delicious festive meal on the veranda, with friends and spouses. Helens dog Ville and the museum cat watching over us.


  1. Det ser fantastiskt trevligt och intressant ut, blir sugen på att åka dit.

  2. Gorgeous work, What a treat, thanks for showing us.