Monday, May 27, 2013

blown away at Slussen Craft Fair

This weekend was (of course!) exceptionally windy for Stockholm, and my first attempt to take part in an open air market proved exhausting - I had a hard time keeping my stuff from whirling away..! Luckily Mattias was there to help unpack on Saturday and could go shop for necessary stuff I'd forgotten to pack - clamps to hold the table cloth in place and packaging tape to secure things. 

On Sunday the rain (of course!) poured down (and the wind continued as well) and threatened to ruin my paper products and objects, but we rearranged the table and everything survived. Luckily my mother was there to help me out... On Mothers Day :) 
All in all it was fun and I really enjoyed myself! Definitely worth being there.

Stefan Markström, wood carving and painting
Lots of visitors on Saturday and even on Sunday there were courageous visitors defying the weather gods. Even got the chance to go around and meet some of the other crafters. A bit unfocused though, didn't get more than two photos of the market in whole.

 Maria Cotellessa, sculpture

Staffan Bengtsson, culture journalist, made the opening speech
Camilla Skorup, textile artist and one of the initiators of Slussen Craft Fair, below the stairs


  1. I would have loved to visit! Your work is more and more beautiful each day :) Are you using Instagram? Every time I see one of Mattias' photos there I mean to ask him about you. Hugs from sunny Mexico!

  2. Hi there Geninne! Thank you very much :)) Not using Instagram yet (still using an ancient phone, my daughters discarded one...) Warm hugs from a cold and windy Sweden!

  3. how amazing is that? your table looked beautiful.

  4. Fint det såg ut!!

  5. Thank you Introverted Art!

    Tack Linda - det var roligt att delta!