Monday, February 4, 2013

Rule of Three

Rule of Three
Day by Day
Desert Crucial
Russian Connection

Here they are, the thistles are finished - and safely arrived in London already (phew).

I am fascinated by spiral patterns in nature. Two summers ago someone had placed a box on a bench, containing a series of books on the cultural history of mathematics. A note said that the books were given away, they were free to take, they would otherwise be thrown away. Being on summer holiday I could not take more than one. Leafing through it briefly I saw it contained parts about symmetry and the Fibonacci sequence. I took the book and saved it for later. 

Even though not gifted in this area myself, I feel strangely drawn to it nonetheless - a kind of enchantment mingled with terror. Fascinating that math is present everywhere, on earth, in space and in all living things.

The thistles are made from other book pages though - only the stem of Day by Day is made from a sheet from the symmetry pages, though I was very reluctant to cut the book. But I felt there needed to be one direct connection to the source of my inspiration.

And all good things are three, don't listen to what anyone else says.


  1. True! And when the light is right, certain leaves reveal a hit of their reverse, as in Russian Connection.
    Beautiful thistles.

  2. I'm glad you agree! And thank you, glad you like them.

  3. Agree with you about spirals!

    Love the globularity, love it contrasted with the thin and spiky leaves, love the contrast between the words and the not-words......