Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Art with care

Anna Ehn, Curator of of Public Art in Uppsala Municipality and Ebba Stålhandske, textile artist
Last Tuesday, the exhibition "Art with care - art for the new palliative care center in Uppsala" opened.
What type of art can hang in such a special and sensitive environment? Can art provide a relaxing
momentary journey into another world? My talented Kaleido colleague, Ebba Stålhandske, (posted previously here)  is the selected artist for the art that will hang in the dining room. She'll provide the room with her lovely textile works; Field, Meadow, Forest and Garden, where she works with painting on fabric, printing and embroidering. Stones with embroidered trim and rya stitches to both see and touch.

My own piece Longing, a small coffee set made of paper, will also be placed in the new center. This makes me feel good. Having personal experience from this kind of place I know the environment is essential. 

Längtan / Longing, 2011

And this is of course what I've been occupying myself with lately. Paper petals galore! Three thistles are due for Flow Gallery. They are actually finished, I have yet to take photos of them in better light. Tomorrow!

Invitation will follow.

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