Friday, February 22, 2013

paper workshop at Nyckelviksskolan

Back from a two-day workshop at Nyckelviksskolan, holding a paper maché course for the  "Hantverkspedagogerna" (= craft pedagogues). It's always enjoyable and inspiring to be there. Here are some of the works the students came up with. 

Amazing what you can do with paper :)

I'm featured over at the blog All Things Paper today - thank you Ann!


  1. Det ser jätteroligt ut :) Vad använde ni för sorts lim till detta?


  2. It was my pleasure to feature you, Cecilia. I envy the students at your workshop - looks like fun!

  3. Anna - vi använder vanligt tapetklister.

    Ann - it's inspiring to see the creativity pour out of the students! Thanks again :)

  4. Tack för svaret Cecilia :) Det vore kul attt vara med på en sån här workshop med dig! /Anna