Sunday, April 1, 2012

in the making

A week ago in Göteborg.
Workshop at Rum för Papper, making book boxes with ten enthusiastic participants with various backgrounds; photographers, graphic designers, record label owner, textile artist, author, stylist and otherwise generally interested paper nerds :)
Shop dog Kellogs couldn't care less and didn't understand all the fuss about paper, cardboard and glue.

Yesterday I visited Magasin 3, to see an exhibition with chinese artist Ai Wei Wei. It was extremely interesting, gripping and touching. One of those artists that leave a huge mark in history. 
One thing annoyed me though; the museum was swarming with show guards looking over ones shoulder to make sure nothing was touched or that you weren't standing too close. A paradox, since his art also criticizes surveillance...


  1. heh heh, good point. I have to say I remember having to resist the totally ridiculous impulse to snatch one of the sunflower seeds in his Tate Modern maybe those guards are not all bad and wrong!

  2. I know what you mean...:)) I would have loved just to be able touch them... It must have been a sight at Tate, lucky you! This installation "only" consisted of a "small" pile of seeds :)

  3. I set off an alarm, in an art museum, one time, by leaning over to look at something.


    On the other hand, I have seen someone go up to a painting in the National Gallery and touch it! I was the one telling her "Don't touch anything!!!" I wished an alarm had blared at her when she got close, before she actually touched it......

  4. aagh - how annoying, you didn't even touch the piece, which the other person did! Alarms in the wrong place apparently...