Friday, March 23, 2012

boxing it

Off to Göteborg again tomorrow!

I feel kind of like a ping pong ball going back and forth, but I do enjoy the trips, going by train is my favourite means of transportation. Sunday I will hold a book box workshop at Rum för Papper. Here's what we'll be doing, a box for three books (A6-format). Simple enough, but you have to be meticulous if you want a snug fit.
Check in to see if there are places left!

I have some time when I arrive, to pass by Göteborgs Konstskola (art school) that has an open house. They promise interesting activities and a waffel café - this must not be missed :)


  1. I hope you're videoing this workshop as these are perfect for my needs.

  2. Sorry Peter, I don't have a video of my workshop. Luckily you can find what you need on the internet :)

    Here's just one of the countless links:

    The box I've made is called "clamshell" box.