Friday, March 2, 2012

in progress for London

Working intensively to get cups ready for a group exhibition in London (!!). Name of the show is Bacchanalia and it will be at a space called 1508 Gallery. Mattias and I will visit London (again!) for the opening and "food performance" on Wednesday March 14th.

I'm using pages from one single book - a book of poems by swedish poet Erik Axel Karlfeldt (1864 - 1931). The edges are golden, which doesn't really show here though. The plan is to make 7 cups, all different except for the paper. More if there is time - and paper enough.


  1. it is truly magical to see what skilled hands can made from the humblest of materials...

  2. I have just got to say how beautiful your work is!

  3. thank you both for your sweet comments!

  4. You two make such lovely work.
    And stylish shows.
    All the best!