Friday, April 27, 2012

workshop in book paradise

photo: Sara Hjelmstedt
photo: Sara Hjelmstedt
Proud bookbinders! Sara and Clara documenting the fruit of their hard work :)

I held a bookbinding workshop in Sigtunastiftelsens library - a paradise for book lovers! It even smells heavenly from all those old worn pages... Eleven enthusiastic participants attended. We had such a nice evening and would have actually needed more than 4 hours – there was so much to talk about!

For those interested in a mini vacation, combining a workshop with a nice stay in Sweden's oldest town: I'm giving a 3-day bookbinding course at Sigtuna Folkhögskola this summer!

Friday July 20th - Sunday 22nd, check the link here, scroll allllll the way down to the second last post (my husband Mattias is giving an illustration course and he's last on the list).

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