Thursday, January 29, 2009

one hundred!

This is my hundredth blog post!

It's almost a year since I started blogging (March 3rd to be exact), and I feel the need to celebrate this in some way! I decided to do a small give-away, and I hope you want to participate in my celebration. Just write a comment (or only your name if you don't want to say anything), and next Thursday (Febuary 5th), after writing the names on pieces of paper and tossing them into a hat, my daughters will draw a winner. The winner gets Jöran, a crocheted jackdaw, made by me. He's 15 cm tall, and stands on a wooden base. And he's a worry bird - tell him all your worries, he'll keep them forever.
Good luck!

Attentive Designtavern, that interviewed me a couple of weeks ago, also noticed that I have a new website, you are welcome to check it out!


  1. congrats!! I wish you many nice new posts in the future!!!
    this bird is super cute!

    ana (.naa. on flickr)

  2. that's a nice idea :)
    happy birthday to your great creative and inspiring blog.

  3. congratulations! the drawing you posted a while back of the worry bird is my desktop on my laptop, incidentally. here's to one hundred more posts!


  4. Congratulations on your 100th post, I have a way to go with my own little blog. Your work is stunning, I now have your "The Forrest" illustration as my desktop background. Thank you!

  5. Congratulations and happy 100th post :)
    This worry bird is lovely, and your new website too! Bravo :)

  6. Grattis till det 100'de inlägget!
    Hoppas det blir många mer framöver - alltid mysigt att gå in och kika på dina härliga konstverk! Och hemsidan är underbar!

  7. Congrats. I discovered your website just a few days ago. I love your photo of the ice covered seed pods, but can't imagine living anywhere so cold.

  8. hi cecilia, its only been a year?
    congrats on your 100th post and im glad youre here :)

  9. Haha, thanks for the plug Cecilia! My hard work is finally being recognised :P

    Congratulations on your 100th post,

    Here's to the next 100!

    *charges glass*


  10. hi,
    i'm the one who linked your blog to my page yesterday.
    glad that you visited mine :)

    what i said in my language is...
    i like to visit and very fond of your husband's works.
    i visited his blog and found your link there. your work is also great.
    cool couple!!

    your husband's blog stated that he's Swedish.
    i said i like your country because my favourite music bands are from Sweden.

    that's what i wrote on my blog ;)

    happy 100th post :)
    have a nice weekend

  11. I am meeting and learning about so many wonderful and talented artists through LL&O's delightful blog. I linked here through a comment you left there. I adore your art book covers a few posts back . Congratulations on your 100th post I also have been blogging for just over a year now.

  12. Lisa Bergh says I like birds

  13. Hi, hi, jag har precis jobbat med en man hela dagen idag som heter Göran. Han är i 50-60 års åldern och lite lik den där figuren, på något vis.

  14. 100! Great! I scanned your website. My favorite image is the cat holding his beloved fish by the full moon.
    Lovely. Hope it snows.

  15. congratulations you clever talented girl!

  16. Love all your work since Design Tavern introduced me to it! =)

  17. A lovely bird Cecilia.

  18. Grattis! Jag följer din blogg med alla fina bilder. Inspirerande. /Malin

  19. Conratulations, this is a great achievement and you give a lot of pleasure to all your readers! This is a lovely bird.

  20. Congratulations!
    Thank you for 100 posts full of inspiration and doors into other worlds. I love your blog's athmosphere.
    / Lena

  21. Your work is exquisite....happy 100!

  22. I meant to leave my do these things work....anyway again happy 100!

  23. one hundred posts hip hip hurrah!
    I like them all, and always smile when I see Asta!

  24. Oj, det hade jag missat, Grattis!
    Vad fint det ser ut!

  25. Love the crocheted jackdaw!

  26. Congratulatins on your blog and your fabulous Grant!
    Your works is wonderful...I would be honored to receive your beautiful bird...